Desio for Sightsavers

The beginning of a partnership between Desio and Sightsavers Italia Onlus has come to life. A future with color is possible for all!



As a leader in the world of color and beauty through its color contact lenses, Desio has decided to pursue its commitment to the world’s most vulnerable by saving sight in the poorest countries. Only sight allows us to appreciate the color and beauty of everything that surrounds us.

Desio has decided to give a chance to those who will become blind without help. We will support the treatments that will save thousands of people from blindness in over 30 developing countries.

To our amazement, 75% of blind people would not be if they would have had access to existing treatments: often just medicine or a simple operation.

Unfortunately, in less developed countries taking care of someone’s eyes is often an inaccessible luxury. Due to the cost of care, the possibility of visiting health facilities is often very difficult. Many people do not even know that eye diseases can be cured. Even if they did, they have much more urgent problems, such as getting food.

This is why Desìo has chosen to financially support Sightsavers activities aimed at the prevention and treatment of eye diseases through visits, specialized care, interventions, training of health personnel, purchasing of equipment, materials and medicines.

Because everyone, in the most remote and forgotten areas of the world, can hope and have access to the care they need.


Like little 2 year old, Nalukena, who has been cured from trachoma. She will now be able to grow free from the fear of becoming blind and have a colorful future! 


on the ride home from the hospital in Mbarara back to Bundibugyo in the car, Criscent sits by the window and stares intently at the world outside.


Benedicta Afia Dadebia

aged 18 months recovering after her cataract surgery.



undergoing cataract surgery.



6 years old, wears his new spectacles as he draws in a colouring book donated by Sightsavers staff. Three months after a successful operation to remove bilateral congenital cataracts, Fahad was fitted for spectacles, allowing him to see clearly for the first time. 

Likando Pumulo

5 years old with trachoma – Itufa Village, Senanga, Western Zambia

Dr Ndalela Ndalela

screeting community members at Itufa Village in Senanga, Western Zambia