When asked if DESIO colored contact lenses are safe for the eyes, it is easy to answer yes they are.

The arguments are certainly not lacking. They are made of biocompatible materials, ophthalmologically tested, have been the subject of an important study by the IRSOO Institute of Ophthalmology, are CE certified and approved by the FDA … DESIO is a serious and rigorous brand.
It becomes difficult, then, to make sure that users are equally scrupulous in the maintenance, application and even in the purchase of colored lenses. That’s why we decided to propose a “hand-book” with some tips for eyes health.


To avoid redness, discomfort, irritation and in severe cases, edema or keratitis, it is necessary to respect the wear times programmed and recommended by the company. Daily, monthly or quarterly replacement is not a random indication, but certified by the rules governing medical devices (always remember that colored and non-colored contact lenses are medical devices).


Another aspect to pay close attention to for the safety of your eyes concerns the purchase of DESÍO contact lenses and, in general, contact lenses.
Lenses must only be purchased at optical branded stores and on the official DESÌO website www.desiolens.com, to avoid incurring counterfeit products without the guarantees of quality and safety of Qualimed.
Be wary of the DESÌO branded lenses that you find outside official channels or at unauthorized dealers: you could run into one of the many fakes out there. These are poor quality products, not tested or certified and therefore, unsafe.


Have you decided to “abandon” glasses in favor of contact lenses, or do you simply want to change your look and try colored contact lenses to give your eyes a new light? Great idea, but be careful: contact a specialist before buying them.
The use of lenses must follow a test and an evaluation of the ocular response performed by a qualified professional, who will verify the effects of the lenses on your eyes. In fact, the results may differ from one subject to another.
Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation around the topic. Many people buy colored contact lenses without having undergone any clinical checks. All this can inevitably have repercussions on the health and well-being of the eyes.
The problem, in these cases, is not attributable to the lenses but to incorrect user behavior.


Last but not least: hygiene and proper maintenance of lenses. It is a topic that often goes hand in hand with respecting the wear time. Daily lenses should only be used for one day and then thrown away – and never used again! While the monthly and quarterly versions must be cleaned with a multipurpose solution and placed in the lens case after every use. Also in these cases, the specialist is fundamental: he will be able to give you advice and indications on daily maintenance.

Remind. The colored lenses are on sale in the optical stores, official DESIO dealers and also on the official website www.desiolenses.eu

The official website for international sales and shipments is www.desiolens.com