Already a licensee of the Desio brand, Qualimed is the ideal partner for the supply of colored contact lenses. Led by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the sector, since 2011 Qualimed has been considered an undisputed reference in the field of contactology.

The Italian company is appreciated all over the world for the professionalism and quality of its colored contact lenses. Quality without compromise.

Unlike other players on the market, Qualimed only creates colored contact lenses under its own brand and for third parties. Every aspect of the lens ensures the excellence of the final product and maximum practicality in application. From the choice of materials to the geometries, from the designs to the colors.


DEEP EXPERTISE IN THE COLORED CONTACT LENS. Qualimed has always operated in the colored contact lenses segment and its expertise is very high. The company develops products in line with the brand’s needs and also with market demands.

CUSTOM DESIGN. The unique and customizable design is one of the aspects that characterizes Qualimed lenses. It’s possible, in fact, to request geometric patterns, effects and custom colors.

EXTREME COMFORT. The Company uses the glycerol-methacrylate copolymerized with HEMA, a biocompatible polymer with particular inertia and high compatibility with eye structures. Everyone can wear these colored lenses with maximum comfort, even for a long time! Even persons with poor production of tear film, suffering from foreign body discomfort or living or working in particular environmental conditions.

CORRECTION OF AMETROPIA The Qualimed colored contact lenses, although disposable lenses, are able to correct ametropia such as nearsightedness and farsightedness.  They also allow to accurately prescribe astigmatic corrections detected during visual examinations, without risking to compromise the cylindrical correction and the visual acuity.

CERTIFIED QUALITY Qualimed’s lenses are ophthalmologically tested, CE certified and  approved by the FDA as well.

WIDE VARIETY. Qualimed is able to provide daily, monthly and quarterly lenses with various types of visual correction.

Remind. The colored lenses are on sale in the optical stores, official DESIO dealers and also on the official website

The official website for international sales and shipments is